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"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

Film about Peter the Great, February 19, 2006.

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This was continuation of shooting about Tsar Peter the Great for National Geographic channel (last fall we already took part in filming of  episodes of Poltava and building St. Petersburg); this time they were filming winter-time scenes - Narva catastrophe of 1700. Of course, our uniforms are from 1708 and aren't good for 1700, but who cares - most of extras had much worse kits at all. Marching across snowfields, being killed by "Swedes", laying dead in snowpiles,  and covering with fake wounds and injures  - that was our job amid questionable representation of life, tactics and dress of that period. As reenactors we could only show them a correct arms drill of Russian army of that period. Everything filmed on that day was supposed to show all the hardships that Russians, lead by Peter, endured in order to eventually win the war. Eager to see what comes out, they say it might be ready by the end of 2006.

Russians in the trenches near Narva, never expecting Swedish attack.

But Swedes attack from the rear!

The only correctly looking "Swede" - our mate from Narva.

This muketeer is looking fine as well, although for slightly different period ;)

They are killing everybody!

... and run further along the trenches.
This thing made snowstorms.

Hot lunch.
We kept on wondering...

So many curiosities one can find in a film!
Even a guardsman on skis!



Living History Group "Preobrazhensky Life Guards"  (c) 2006