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Living History Unit

"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

Fortress Korela (Kexholm), 15 - 16 October 2005.

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This place in Russia's North-West, as many others, saw a chain of ownerships throughout its' history: its' old Russian name was Korela, taken by Swedes in 17th C. it was renamed Kexholm; taken back in 1710 it kept this name untill short period (1918-1940) within Finland as Kakisalmi. Nowadays it is Priozersk, 3 hrs drive north from St.Petersburg. The citadel is small and tiny, without anything modern-looking inside; it makes great place even for a small troop of reenactors.

We spent this weekend living in the tower, eating and drinking provisions as they were prescribed in Russian army of our period - buckwheat, oats, meat, bread, onions and garlic. We only could not keep up authenticity standard in drinks - 100 gr of vodka and 4 liters of beer per person per day was too much :) On Sunday we played storming the fortress - and had fun, as always.  

The tower where we slept.

The tower from inside.

Among other tropheys taken in 1710, Russians took many Swedish breastplates from 17th C.; 

they nailed this armor to the fortress' gates and they survived till our time.





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