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300 anniversary of Kronstadt, 22 May 2004

In Spring of 1704 a fortress was erected on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. It was to protect the newly built city of St.Petersburg from attacks of enemy fleet. In 1704 and 1705 garrison of the fortress repulsed numerous Swedish sea attacks and landing parties... Since then Kronstadt became an important naval base of Russian Navy on the Baltic Sea and indeed protected St.Petersburg throughout three centuries.

On May 22nd we visited Kronstadt to take part in the 300-anniversary celebrations together with our friends from Narva. What was important to us is that we met colleagues from Petrozavodsk who recreate another Russian infantry unit of the Great Northern War - Olonetzky regt. 

Later in the day we walked around the town, staring at sea, vessels of Russian Baltic Fleet and other places of interest. 

() photographs of  "Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 2004