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Living History Group

"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

2nd Narva Festival, August 12-14, 2005.

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Aroud 40 participants, clubs from Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia.

Historical camp was established on a bastion - ideal spot with nothing non-18th C. on it which together with two lines of white tents, fireplace and wooden tables made fascinating historical environment. Unfortunately, heavy rain spoiled some of our plans. 

The 'battle' consisted of two parts - storming of fortress' gates and the field action. Russians assaulted on a bridge, opened the gates but were met with Swedish volley. Musketry and cannonade poored from both sides and  after several attempts we broke through into the fortress. The subsequent field battle was long and dynamic - both sides manouevred across the field, attacked and counteattacked, delivered fire and lost their men. At some point negotiations started: His Kings Majesty Captain graciously offered us to retreat; in return we suggested that Swedes surrender to His Tsar Majesty troops... Cannons continued our talks; the battle lasted for about one hour and ended in a draw.

After the battle participants were invited to a party in the castle - yet another event with historical flavour!

We very thank our friends from Narva who organized the fest and all those who came to Narva this year!



Living History Group "Preobrazhensky Life Guards" (с) 2005