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"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

III NARVA FESTIVAL, August 11-13, 2006.

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The 3rd festival in Narva came out even better than two previous ones - there were more participants, the weather was excellent and everybody had fun. Both old and new friends came from Estonia (Narva, Rakvere), Russia (St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Smolensk, Moscow), Sweden (Karlstadt, Norrkoping), Finnland (Helsinki, Lovisa) and Norway. 

The camp looked good with it's numerous white tents, wooden furniture, authentic tableware and lack of modern stuff. It was a pleasure to host our friends from Sweden and Norway in the camp and to bivouac together with the Old Militia of Helsinki who pleased us with their drum&fife music, authentic card game and friendly midnight talks.

Since we stayed in the fortress and most of wars were waged around fortresses 300 years ago, we decided to re-enact episodes of the siege warfare. Russians were to besiege Swedes, and so we did, setting up trenches and starting to shell the foe. Then followed a series of our assaults and Swedish sorties, all of them turning fruitless. After several rounds of negotiations, commanders of both sides agreed that the fortress can be abandoned by it's garrisson, given they will be allowed to marched out with their small arms and flags. Before they marched out of the fortress, Russian sentinels took over posts from Swedish sentinels, as it was often done when fortresses were let on accord.

The day ended with fireworks and party in the castle (continued, of course, in the camp).

Our camp in the castle yard.


Finnish colleagues teach us to play some authentic card games.

Although gambling was prohibited for soldiers 300 years ago.

Russian musketeer and dragoons.

Good drummer of the Old Militia of Helsinki.

Stenbock Caroliners (Uppland regiment).

A dragoon.

Both armies form up ...

... to leave the camp for the battle.

Russians approach a fortress to besiege it. Men are carrying fascines and "spanish ritter". 

Entrench and put fascines on the parapet.

Cover ourselves with the ritter.

Swedes make a sortie.

And we nearly gave way before their swords and bayonets.

But the sortie was beaten off with musket fire.

Negotiations started then.

Swedish commanders decide to sign an "accord".

Russians take over posts in the fortress from the Swedes.

We salute to the foe, ...

... who is abandoning the stronghold.

Music playing and flags wavering - they leave the fortress with honor.

And Narva is ours :)
() Photos by participants and spectators of the festival.  
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