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Living History Unit

"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

300 anniversary of the Battle of POLTAVA: Part 4. After the Battle. July 11, 2009.

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History of the regt



When the battle was over both armies formed line in front of spectators.

Every group was presented to public, mentioning what unit they represent and where they came from. Head of museum thanked reenactors and gave souveniers:
Preobrazhensky from St.Petersburg, Narva, Riga and Moscow. We are priveledged to lead this cause in Russia.
Smolensky regiment. On active service since 2004.
Troitsky Dragoons
Moskovsky Dragoons (took off green coats and were on Swedish side this time)
"Leib-regiment", new cavalry unit in St.Petersburg
Butyrsky regiment - first GNW event for this old napoleonic group from Moscow
Enkoping regiment leads Caroliner cause when true Swedes aren't with us.

Several more hours we spent on the field with friends and spectators:

(с) Photos by participants and spectators of the festival.  



Living History Unit "Preobrazhensky Life Guards" (с) 2009