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Living History Group

"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

Multi-period Festival "The Seven Epochs", 20-21 May, 2006.

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This was the first ever multi-period festival in St.Petersburg with groups ranging from Ancient Rome to WW2.
Great Northern War forces presented training of a platoon according to 1700 Regulation, with arms drill, formation evolutions and various methods of fire.

The platoon in 3 ranks (having doubled ranks) Volley from 3 ranks
Fire by ranks (countermarch) in 6 ranks Men in ranks waiting for their turn to give fire
Fire by ranks (nederfallen) in 6 ranks Nederfallen - a system where front ranks knee and rear ranks stand up and fire 
3 ranks are prepared to withstand cavalry charge with pike and bayonet
Russian dragoon with musket on bandolierRussian dragoon   French Dragoons

(c) Photos by Daria Nagornaya and Gennady Kazak.



Living History Group "Preobrazhensky Life Guards"  (c) 2006